Invasive Plant/Noxious Weed Management Services

Invasive plants pose risks to the environment, economy, and human health. Certain species, such as Japanese Knotweed, can threaten your home as the plant is capable of heaving concrete and growing through the cracks it creates. Giant Hogweed contains sap that can cause severe, recurring burns and even blindness. Careful planning and a strategic attack can help you successfully eradicate these unwanted guests on your property.


Greener This Side can put together a comprehensive plans from your backyard to landscape level sites to help you tackle persistent noxious weeds including prioritizing the species to control, preventing further or new invasions, choosing the appropriate control methods for target species using the latest scientific research, and setting appropriate monitoring protocols.


Greener This Side offers invasive plant/noxious weed control that is tailored to the meet the goals of the landowner using the most recent scientific research for the target plant. Mechanical and herbicide control services are available. Herbicide control projects are subject to applicable federal, provincial and local regulations. We are able to help land owners navigate this!

Inventory & Monitoring

Greener This Side offers noxious weed/invasive plant inventory services which include the production of a comprehensive digital map that is easily used for planning future control work, tracking infestations over time, or guiding control program contractors. We also offer comprehensive monitoring programs which can be custom tailored to gather the information required by the client. These services include efficacy evaluation, spray program performance and compliance, habitat recovery measures, and mapping.


Greener This Side is available to conduct research projects investigating plant specific projects such as treatment trials/efficacy, pasture management, and increasing invasive species resistance of susceptible areas. Our owner is currently completing a Ph.D. in Plant Science at the University of British Columbia and thus has an excellent background in producing high quality research using sound methodologies. Please send an inquiry regarding possible research projects.