Pasture and Manure Management Services

The quality of the forage you grow for your horses in the pasture is just as important as the hay and grain you carefully select for them. There are simple steps you can take to ensure that your livestock are receiving high quality forage opportunities that not only provide great nutrition, but also help to reduce your feed costs and improve the aesthetics of your property! Pasture management is also critical to your animal’s health to prevent the ingestion of toxic weeds that could be growing such as Creeping Buttercup.

You may be surprised to learn that you can easily compost the manure and shavings from your animals on your own property without having to pay for expensive manure bins. This brown “gold” can help to improve the health of your pastures on properties large and small!

Pasture Management Planning

Greener This Side can put together a comprehensive, customized plan to help you create healthy pasture for your livestock no matter the size of your property. This service includes:

For clients outside of our service area (Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island of British Columbia), plans can be put together remotely. Electronic information gathering, videos, pictures and getting soil testing done by another contractor or the property owner can help inform our plans.

For those looking for help with remediation of a specific issue, we do have a number of Remediation Plans available for downloadable purchase. Feel free to send us a message about your specific concern.

Greener This Side is available to travel to locations for consultation. We have had groups of property owners in a particular location all book together so costs can be shared.

Pasture Remediation/Management Plan Implementation

Greener This Side can help you to implement your pasture management plan. Many clients leave tasks such as the initial weed control and over-seeding to us in order to get it to a manageable level where they feel comfortable taking over. Please inquire about these services.

Speaking Engagements and Horse Owner Education

Jennifer Grenz is available for speaking engagements on a variety of pasture management topics. Please contact us to inquire.